Thursday, September 17, 2009

Fall Decorating Ideas

I was on Better Homes and Gardens website and was looking at all the different ideas and crafts you can do with pumpkins.

This is the time of year we pull out our Fall decorations and as you know  decorating for each season is a love of mine. :)

That got me to thinking of Women's Ministries at our churches and I am sure most of us will be attending Fall retreats or events at church and of course this is the time for church homecomings.  They had an awesome idea that would be wonderful for a centerpiece that I thought I would share.

Isn't this pretty?   Some of you may have tried this already but just in case I thought I would pass this along.

If you enjoy mums this is a great idea to showcase them:

Head on over to their website if you want to see more ideas.  :)

Have a wonderful and blessed Thursday.


Leah said...


BEautiful ideas. I am so not a decorator. I would love to do things like that but just don't have/take the time and I certainly do not have the creativity.

Maybe I could hire you to come decorate my home?????


Patty said...

I would love to come to your home and decorate. :)

Lisa said...

And when you're done, we can all go on "Patty's Fall Decorating Home Tour". Count me in!
Blessings ~ Lisa

Heather C said...

I love these ideas! So creative... and I NEVER would have thought of them. We're getting ready for a Women's Retreat at my church... the timing couldn't be more perfect! Thanks so much for sharing, Patty!

ocean mommy said...

Beautiful! LOVE those mums in the pumpkins! And you can come here and decorate anytime you want! Then we can head up to Leah's. :)