Tuesday, September 1, 2015

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

I am so excited that the 'ber' months have started. :)

I love this time of year for many reasons. This month is pretty full.

First, it's a long, holiday weekend coming up. Labor Day.
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Football starts this Saturday!! Really excited about this. I have been counting down for football season since day 100. My plans are to watch college football all day. Especially, my VOLS.

Give me some hot wings and football and I'm good to go. ha!

Sunday, my sister is taking me to Paula Deen's restaurant to celebrate my birthday, which falls on Labor Day this year. I was actually born on Labor Day. This will be my first birthday without momma. It's a bittersweet time for me.

Monday is my birthday. Not sure what I will be doing on my actual birthday; but my sister Donna has already made it special for me. Last weekend, she bought me a Tennessee Vols shirt, socks and a necklace. Loved them! Saturday, her and I and my nephew went to Cracker Barrel for breakfast and did some shopping. That was a lot of fun.

It's 85 days until Thanksgiving. While I love Christmas because of our Savior's birth, Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. I enjoy cooking the meal and watching the Macy's Thanksgiving Parade and decorating the house for Christmas. We have so much to be thankful for and I just enjoy the whole weekend.
Happy Thanksgiving!: Happy Thanksgiving!Create a Fall Centerpiece with items around your home -Whats Ur Home Story: Create a Fall Centerpiece with items around your home -Whats Ur Home Story

Also, this month my friend's daughter is getting married. I taught Lydia in Sunday school when she was two and a half and now she is getting married. I cannot believe how fast time flies but it does and I can't wait to see her get married. 

She is beautiful inside and out and she loves to decorate, and watch football and she loves fall. More importantly, she loves Jesus with all her heart and is a tremendous witness for Him. I love her. 

So, there you have it. I am so thankful for this time of year. 

I will be posting pictures this month about all the things I mentioned above. 

.: .

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Time & Trust

Time is marching on and so is summer time. I can't say that I am sorry to see summer coming to an end when we have a day that has fall like temps and plenty of sunshine and the leaves are beginning to change.

Life is marching on. Our family is finding our "new normal" since mom passed away over a month ago. Time does go on but I thank God for all the memories I have of mom and dad. I miss mom so much and still think of her all throughout each day and she would have loved this day.

I am praying about what God wants me to do in this next phase of life. I turn fifty one in less than two weeks. Time flies by and we need to enjoy each day that God graciously gives us. I am not sure what I am going to do next; but I know God will show me the way.

My grandson is now nine months old. I cannot believe how fast he is growing but when  you have children and grandchildren, you realize more than ever how quickly time goes by and there are so many moments where you wish that time would just stand still for a moment so we can savor those moments just a little bit longer or just catch our breath.

I was reading a book on hope this morning. The author said that people change, jobs change, finances change, circumstances change, everything changes but God.

" I am the Lord, I do not change. " Mal. 3:6

While everything around us is changing and while seasons are changing and circumstances are changing, we can always depend and trust in God because He doesn't change and HE is our foundation in life. Trust God.

I am currently going through a study at home, it's called Armor of God by Priscilla Shirer.

It has been eye opening for me. After two weeks of work in the study, one thing God has shown me is that I am not and I have not trusted him in a lot of areas in my life. I really thought I was trusting God but I have not been trusting God.

I had to ask for God's forgiveness in this area of my heart.

It's easy to say, trust God, it's easy to say, I am trusting God; but when worry, doubt, anxiety and focusing on my problems more than focusing on God have taken priority in my heart and life, I am not trusting God.

I read somewhere on Instagram, Worrying is like praying for something you don't want.

I am praying and asking God for some BIG things this week. I know if you are reading this, you probably are going through something where you need God to come through for you.

I love that after we have prayed about something, and when worry starts to creep back in OR the enemy keeps telling you that God will not provide or God will not come through for you this time, that is a lie  from the enemy AND when that happens, no matter how many times a day it happens, remember to go to God in prayer and ask Him to help you with your worry or anxiety or whatever you  struggle with and God will deliver you.  That's what I am doing.

It won't be long and you will be able to pray this Psalm back to God with thanksgiving:

Our mouths were filled with laughter, our tongues with songs of joy. Then it was said among the nations, "The LORD has done great things for them." Ps. 126:3

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

A Legacy of Faith

I, along with over five million  other viewers watched Kathie Lee Gifford's return back to her morning show and watched her loving tribute to her husband Frank, who passed away a week ago. Please. watch this if you have time.

I have been praying for her and their children since I learned of Frank's death; but this woman has been so full of strength and grace through it all and after listening to her talk about Frank's life and the legacy he left behind was emotional and encouraging and very beautiful.

The way she spoke of the Christian faith was absolutely beautiful and even through her loss and grief, Kathie is still encouraging others and after she spoke about Frank, I know he would be so proud of his family.

Our Christian faith is of love, grace and forgiveness of our sins. We only love others because Christ loved us first and He died on the Cross for each and every person. Whether or not you accept that or believe that, it's your choice. Free will given to us by God.

I am sorry to say that Christians haven't represented Christ well and I believe we have driven many from the Church.

God called us to love not judge each other. We fail miserably at it at times ; but by God's grace and forgiveness we can still ask God to help us love one another the way that He wants us to.

My mother left behind her own legacy of faith and prayer. She was the strongest person I have ever known.

She went through extreme poverty as a child and through her adult years and yet she still praised God and always said, "He's so sweet to us. "

Mom had to look for food wherever she could find it. Her and a family member would go through town and look for whatever they could find that day. They would find apples or whatever a person would give them from a store and she told us one day, a bread truck drove by and the door came open in the back of the truck and some bread fell out. The truck kept going but they picked up the loaves of bread and they had something to eat. She told us that God provided for them that day.

It's sad that mom had to live under those conditions but it's amazing that mom could look back and see the hand of God providing for her  through some of the hardest times as a child.

Kathie shared that as a child during the depression, Frank and his family were so poor that at times they ate dog food and were thankful to have it.

We, in this day and time, in this country, we don't know that kind of poverty. I should say, most of us don't know that kind of poverty.

Years ago, I was at mom and dad's house and I was putting away mom's laundry and I opened her drawer and I found cupcakes she had hidden in her drawer. At first, I laughed because she had a sweet tooth like nobody else and I thought she was hiding it from daddy. I later realized, she hid food some times because she had to fight for everything she ever had in this life, especially food. So, at times, she hid food.

That kind of life will mark you for the rest of your life.

Things so many of us take for granted.

My immediate family has had some hard times in the past several years but I can honestly say that God has always provided a roof over our heads, food to eat, clothes to wear, cars to drive. We are blessed beyond measure.

There are so many homeless families or homeless people. It breaks my heart.

Mom taught us by living out her faith in front of us.

As poor as she was, she worked hard as an adult. She was very gracious to others and she would help you in any way that she could and she read God's Word and she also hid it in heart.

She prayed every day and many times throughout the day and always had her Bible in her lap or close by. She was always witnessing about God to anyone she would meet.

Mom believed God. Mom believed Him for things that had not come to pass before she died. She lived and she died believing.

That is the legacy she left us. That is legacy I want to leave my children and grandchildren.

It's not about religion but it's about a relationship with Christ.

I have always told my sons, stay in God's Word, stay in prayer and God will direct you and God will give His very best to you if you follow Him.

Some times, our best looks different than what God's best is for our lives; but we can trust God and trust that He will fulfill His purposes in our lives, God has the final say in my life, in your life.

No situation is hopeless if you have God.

It doesn't matter how big the storm, it's not to big for God. He sees you, exactly where you are, and there is no storm big enough to keep God from rescuing you.

AND my mom's favorite Bible verse:

Have a blessed day.

Monday, August 10, 2015

Monday Chat

This past weekend was a nice weekend. A blessing from God.

Nothing special happened but it was a nice weekend and I am thankful to God for it.

Saturday, we looked at a house that was beautiful. It wasn't perfect but it was beautiful. We are praying about it. The entire house was gutted and remodeled.  Everything is new. The fence line in the back needs to be cleared out but it isn't crazy overgrown.

After seeing the house my oldest son came over with his family and we had a nice visit. Grammy still has it, my sweet grandson was sitting in my lap and he went to sleep. :)

He always wakes up happy and after his nap, he played in his walker. I can never see him enough. I love being a grandmother.

After they left, I went grocery shopping. I also went to the Farmer's Market and bought some fresh produce.

I came home and made dinner and we watched a movie. Nothing special but it was nice.

Sunday, I had my quiet time and afterwards I put my roast in the crock pot and then I started cooking the green beans I bought at the Farmer's Market . The house smelled good all day.

At some point, I had my Sunday nap. :)

I woke up and finished dinner.

We spent a quiet day at home. We needed it after the last few weeks. I am so thankful for days like this and God is so sweet to us.

I hope y'all enjoyed your weekend and blessings to you and this new week.

Friday, August 7, 2015

Random Thoughts

Life is slowly getting back to normal since mom passed away. I say normal but that doesn't sound right. I could say our "new normal."

I was visiting with a friend today, her father passed away yesterday morning. Our journeys have been so parallel and God orchestrated several impromptu meetings at different places in town over the last year and it was always at a time we both needed it.

My friend shared today that many times the enemy would try and convince her she was all alone in caring for her father and the enemy did the same with us with our caring for mom. Of course, we both know the enemy is a liar, but during the times we needed to talk or visit, God always blessed us with the opportunity to see each other. A wonderful gift from God.

I told her today, I feel "lost" since mom died. When you care for someone for 2 1/2 years and your routine is the same every single day, it's hard to find a new direction in life.

I know God has ordained the last two weeks as a time of rest for our family. I was so tired, beyond anything I have ever felt, and I finally realized that if I needed to rest or take a nap, I would do just that. I wasn't going to force myself to do something I didn't want to do and it really made a difference.

I thank God for these weeks of rest. I know God has something else for me to do and He will reveal to me in His timing.

For now, I take it one day at a time.  We all miss mom so much. It still doesn't seem real at times. The house feels empty and quiet without her. I am so thankful for God and Jesus who died for all of us and saved me. One day, I will see mom again and we have eternity to be together.

In other news, my grandson is now eight months old and is starting to stand up by himself, he can say daddy and mommy. I love his smile. The sweetest smile I have ever seen.

We are looking for a new home.

I am praying about where God wants us to attend church. Where He wants me to serve Him.

I am getting ready to buy a new Bible study for my fall study.

I think this will be my next study.

I love a new Bible study.

Speaking of fall. It's almost time for college football and the fall season. I am getting excited about decorating the house and all the fall recipes I enjoy cooking.

My birthday is a month from today. I was born on Labor Day and my birthday will be on Labor Day this year.

I am glad summer is winding down. It's been a long hard summer and I am ready for a new season.

"He changes times and seasons; he removes kings and sets up kings; he gives wisdom to the wise and knowledge to those who have understanding;" Daniel 2:21

Enjoy your weekend!

Sunday, August 2, 2015


Yesterday, my family and I went to the mountains to celebrate my nephew's 7th birthday and we had so much fun!

Photo credit: My sister. :) I'm borrowing some of her pics.

God showed off yesterday with the weather. It was a sunny day and it almost felt like a fall day.

My brother-in-law bought us steak and my sister did all the grilling and cooking. We had so much food and it was delicious. She grilled steaks and corn on the cob, potatoes, peppers and onions, bread, baked beans, snacks, S'mores and birthday cake. That's usually a typical family spread. Lots of food. lol

My niece picked out a perfect spot and we all spread out our chairs and relaxed and just had a great day.

Sister's pics

Nephew and brother-in-law

All of us girls. Me, my sis, niece Meagan and "daughter", Georgia

Afterwards, we left the mountains and the traffic was insane. I think a billion people decided to leave at once. I love where we live but we have so many tourists. We were headed to play putt putt.

My nephew is hilarious. He told all of us, "you all are going down" The thing is, he was better than most of us.

Let me just say on behalf of the family, it was HOT. I mean, the sun beating down on us and I thought I was going to have a heat stroke. We all drank at least two bottles of water after we finished, but we had so much fun.

I'll title this picture, "The day my nephew took me down"

A few more pics:

Our brother. Good man.

A day of fun and relaxation and laughter and beautiful scenery and great food. A great family day.  Thank you, God.

Thursday, July 30, 2015


One thing I have noticed after mom's passing is the exhaustion or fatigue.

It's really beginning to bother me. I'm so tired and I and my other family members son't feel like doing anything. I am tired of being tired.

I finally went to the store yesterday but I could have cared less.

I think we are trying to get back to some routine. For two and a half years we had the same routine with momma . She did things the same way every single day. Now, the days seem so long and the house is so quiet.

We really don't know what to do with our days.

It's been a week since mom passed away.

I know it will take time to grieve and rest after the intense week we had before mom passed away. It was around the clock care for her. None of us got much sleep.

I don't like feeling this way but I know it's a process that we all have to work through. So, I have decided when I am tired or sleepy, I take a nap. I told my family this all reminded me of a  Reba episode where Van can't play football anymore due to an injury and he doesn't know what to do next and he tells the family, "I just need to be lost for awhile". That's how I feel. For me that means, rest, pray and seek God's direction for what He wants us to do next.

I cry whenever I need to cry and I can say God is healing my heart from the deepest sadness I have ever felt.

My family and I are going to the mountains this weekend. We all need some fun. We are all looking forward to it.

I promise, I will write something more uplifting or encouraging soon. :)

In fact, my sister bought me a selfie stick and I am trying to learn how to use it. I plan on taking pictures this weekend while we are in the mountains. I'll share them next week.

I love this verse. God is so Good.

Have a wonderful and blessed day!